Keep watering

Almost 2 years ago (23 months ago) we were given a plant by a client which we kept in the office. It was a spathuplyllum which is more commonly known as peace lillies. 

This plant was said to be a great indoor plant & also one that flowers easily.

When we first received it, the leaves were lush & green & we (well, I mostly) were certain that it was going to flower soon. Every new sprout I assumed would be a flower but it ended up being a leaf. We kept watering in whenever we remembered & waited in hope as we took care of it. 

After a while, the lush green leaves started to fade & brown & we plucked those away & kept going. More leaves grew, more watering occurred. 

I am not a green thumb by any means & neither were anyone else in our office. I remember sitting there one evening after work scrolling through Google while chatting with my bosses trying to determine what we were doing wrong & why there were no flowers. Still, no flowers…. 

Today, to our greatest joy & excitement (mine more than the rest) a bud of flower finally appeared. All the wait was worth it, all the watering was worth it, all the care was worth it.. 

Life can sometimes be the same. We may be given something & as each change or each growth sprout appeared, we think that it may be what our heart’s desire.. but although it wasn’t it still added to the lushness of our life.. a leaf is not a bad thing but it was not the flower which we had anticipated for.. but one day, when we lease expect it, when the time is right, a flower will bloom. It is like the breakthrough that you have been waiting for, the golden opportunity, the heart’s desire coming to reality. 


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